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Handmade Vitamin Rich 3 in 1 Conditioner for Tight Coils

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ConDish Sharespace

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ConDish is a patent-pending blend of essential oils and biotin that soften and smooth your hair while your wash. Great for dry scalp; the vitamins and natural oils help strengthen your hair and assist with hair loss; this product is excellent to use under your swim cap and can help with heat protection. Con Dish was formulated for tight coils. Tell the Natural hair salon near you to try ConDish, excellent for blowouts, short haircuts, twist-out hairstyles. 

Softer, Stronger, Healthier looking Hair in a Bottle. While wash your hair.

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"I have never washed and comb my hair so fast before in my entire life. also the the minimum hair come out..i usually can make a wig with the hair the comes out my head. Babbbbby I had very little and this picture was also with the ends I clipped too omg. it's a great detangler for my hair too"

K. Dillard

Got it!

Use it!

Love it and I hope you more because I used the whole bottle to detangle my hair

M. Toliver

Hi, I just want to know what's in that conditioner? my hair feels amazing and so does my daughter. My hair is never this soft and i usually wear protective styles. This stuff is amazing my daughter loves it! It has never left our house since we found it. Truly a natural girls friend! thanks a bunch!!

E. Hill

why am I the 1st to know about this!!!

I used it this weekend to detangle my hair. I really like how this stuff loosens my hair and gives it good moisture so I don't really need to put other stuff in my hair.

Thanks Bean

P. Washington