WaHt is ConDish? Why ConDish?

ConDish is for Ava, my sweet-girl that once explained natural hair is pretty on everyone else, except her. I want Ava to always feel good about her own hair, and know that whatever she has is enough. Ava is amazing & likes to dye her hair so the product has to withstand bleach. I want her to Rock what she got. ConDish is for Ava and every other sweet-girl that needs to understand that she is enough. After many years. Ava thinks we should share ConDish with you and your sweet-girls, we hope you enjoy.    

ConDish is a blend of essential oils and Biotin.The combination of essential oils and Biotin work to fortify weak hair. ConDish softens & loosens tight coils while you wash. With continued use, ConDish wraps around the hair creating stronger smoother easier to manage hair. Our patent-pending combination of essential oils and vitamins hydrate tight coils and dry scalp.

ConDish is the perfect go-to product for daily co-washing, leaving-in &deep conditioning treatment, try it. Your hair will thank you.